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Brad Hescock

Brad Hescock is a dynamic finance professional with significant experience owning, operating and effectively financing small businesses and commercial real estate. Mr. Hescock has the skills and perspective to help small business owners realize the financial rewards of entrepreneurism. He is an expert in strategic financial planning, tactical/operational financial management and the successful implementation of financial initiatives for businesses in a variety of industries. Brad takes his successes and failures as a serial entrepreneur and applies them as a trusted advisor for your business.

Mr. Hescock's track record in the commercial real estate industry includes the development, acquisition, management and value enhancement of over $600m of income generating property, for both himself and others. His management background also includes the development of single family home lots, the strategic/financial operation of a custom home builder, the startup, growth and financial oversight of a successful art distribution company and the financial management of a small business capital firm that makes equity investments in growing small businesses. He is a Dallas native who lives in Far North Dallas with his wife and two children.

Why The Small Business CEOTM?

The Small Business CFOTM was formed out of a need for business owners to have greater visibility into their financial operations. In any venture, the leaders need to be forward looking, positioned at the front of the train. Many people view accounting and finance as looking back, checking or validating decisions that have already been made. We want to be helping you mold your future, helping you drive the train to your goals. All of that takes discipline and continuous involvement by your CFO, advising you along the way. At The Small Business CFOTM, we are focused on helping you plan for, manage and sustain the growth of your business.

Small businesses have many distinct advantages over their larger competitors, primarily flexibility and speed of response. Does your business have both the business intelligence tools in place and an objective, independent advisor as a participant in the decision-making process? We aren't interested in providing you with a mountain of analysis that drowns you in numbers. Our goal is to provide information on how to best allocate resources and drive profits to the bottom line, and be an ongoing member of your management team that is there to help you execute.

Successful small business owners often outgrow their enterprises. This is a high class problem to have! A growing company means that you can allocate your resources to create the operational leverage to accelerate your growth. Making the investment decision to bring The Small Business CFOTM onto your team frees you, as the business owner, to focus on the things that you do best.

Realize the Rewards of EntrepreneurismTM